Lois’ Coral and Navy Nursery

Hi everyone! Thought I would post a few pictures from Lois’ nursery. Everything is officially finished and ready for her arrival – which should be any day now! I hope you enjoy. I am not going to lie, painting the walls Navy (Benjamin Moore’s “Hale Navy”) felt like a major plunge – on the color swatch it is almost black. But when I put it on the walls it really became a beautiful multi-dimensional blue and when coupled with the curtains it proved well worth the risk. Other colors in the room are Valspar’s “Coral Coast” and the mint accents are Valspars “After Dinner Mint.” I made the curtains myself using black out lining and a $7/yd coral chevron fabric from a local fabric store. If you google coral fabric, it is one of the most popular results. Here is a great tutorial for making your own window treatments.

Color Choices and Inspiration –

My inspiration for the nursery came from this piece of fabric (which is no longer  being made, unfortunately) – I am so sorry, it is perfect in almost every way:

Although I didn’t end up using this fabric in the final design, it proved a great place to start. I loved the deep navy and the way the corals, golds, and aquas brightened everything up. It also helped me find Lois’ place on the coral spectrum. As many of you know coral can range from very pink to very orange and when designing with coral, it is important to figure out which direction you will go. I obviously chose pink coral, which works well for our baby girl because it’s still feminine yet more complex and less cliché than standard pink. Coral has a little something special and that’s always a good thing. In this swatch there is a good bit of aqua accent. While I like aqua, I felt it is a little too expected and more importantly, it is too competitive with the coral (for this project) – so I went with something more subtle: mint. Mint is adventurous and beautiful – it speaks to me. Further, I didn’t want a zoo of explosive color. Navy and coral are already bold enough and they are the primary colors. Mint and gold are accents, which means making sure your decisions and choices support their taking a back seat. This bit of neglect up front works in the end, trust me!

There are also other things that mattered to me when designing this room – like my disdain of cliché and imposing typical gender expectations on babies…I mean, we don’t know who she is, right? But this is not the right post for all that hullabaloo – It would take thousands of words to explore all my thoughts on these two things alone….so I won’t do it here. However, I bring it up simply to emphasize how helpful /important it can be to explore some of your implicit values, interests, commitments before designing something as laden as a child’s room. It can really help move the design and decision process along.

So if I had to give advice for those of you looking to begin the fun and exciting journey of designing your nursery I would say this:

  1. Start with an inspiring fabric.
  2. Don’t be afraid to be bold and daring
  3. Ask yourself what you value. Is there anything you do or don’t want to communicate in your decor?
  4. Have fun and soak it in. Not many people are blessed enough to be able to design a nursery to their liking – so enjoy!

The Final Product

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  1. Dad says:

    Absolutely good and wonderful Katie. I’ve already enjoyed visiting this beautiful room, and I loved you including the picture of her namesake ,Aunt Lois.

  2. Connie Shelton says:

    Loving this nursery!! You did an awesome job with the colors and balance of the room. I wish you many happy hours in this roon with your precious Lois!!

  3. Katie Penry says:

    Hi Friends – I have finally updated the blog to say that this fabric is no longer in print. I have searched high and low for you guys, with no success. Sorry friends!

  4. Lacey Outlaw says:

    So bummed about that fabric being out of print! I just found out I’m having a girl. Chose navy, coral, and turquoise for my nursery colors. Found your fabric on pinterest, then BAM! haha! beautiful nursery tho! 🙂

    • Katie Penry says:

      I know – but you can still find this in wallpaper. I think it would make an excellent accent wall, or even better, the backing of a precious toy shelf. You can find it on Spoonflower. Good luck!


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