Baby Breakfast

One of my favorite meals to make for Lois is breakfast. It is easy to do and I get so much satisfaction from her unfettered enjoyment of something so simple. Here are a few of our favorites.

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Steel Cut Oats –

When she first started solids I bought a cylinder of Quakers steel cut oats and ground them in the food processor into a rough powder that I could easily add water to and heat quickly in the mornings.

  1. ¼ c. oats + ½ c. water
  2. Steam in Beaba, or heat in microwave

I would save the left over and use it for about three days, adding liquid or fruit to reconstitute.

Apples and Pears –

When she first started I kept the apples plain. But now I add a little raisins and cinnamon. Either way…

  1. Split in half and core
  2.  Put a half-inch of water in roasting pan.
  3. Place fruit in pan skin side down
  4. Bake at 400 until they are fork tender
  5. Cool and process until smooth, pour in ice cube trays.

Anytime that I use trays, I pop them out and into labeled freezer bags once they are good and frozen. It makes such a nice go-to option. Apples and Pears are good options starting as early as 4 months. Further, having these two options available is an easy way to manage how soft, hard, and frequent your baby’s stools will be that day. For less often harder stools go with apples (great when travelling by car). To relieve constipation, try pears.

These are delicious add-ins to any veggie or meat option. Most of the time however, I just throw two cubes into her oatmeal for a morning meal.

Fruity Yogurt –

As you can see in the picture, yogurt is quite easy. Grab two bags of 12 oz. frozen fruit per 32 oz of plain, full fat yogurt.

I think the plain yogurt is a little too tart and often gets rejected by Lois. Consequently, when I am mixing her meal I put about ¼ t. of maple syrup per 2 cubes for just a boost of unprocessed sweetness.

  1. Steam fruit for about 10 minutes and reserve liquid. That fruity liquid is a great thinner for anything you may be making so don’t waste it!
  2. Process until smooth then stir into yogurt.
  3. Freezes well in cubes.

These little yogurt meals probably shouldn’t be introduced until your baby is about 7 months old. They are fine by themselves, but I find them to be really excellent additions to oatmeal at breakfast. They are also good additions when cooking meat.

All this is so easy, now I want to hear from your kitchen. Please share what delicious recipes are tried and true for you! 

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