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Hi Friends!

There is so much going on in our world. A lot of it is terribly sad and terribly outside our ability to help or make any kind of felt difference. After thought and all sorts of fun chats, some of us in the the bookstagram community (hopefully more will join) have come up with a good anecdote to the discouragement of a world at war and in need: CLEAN WATER! Although 1 billion people in this world struggle to find fresh water every day, the fix is not outside of our reach. This is one area where you and me – we can actually make a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

I wish there was a way that I could say this to make you hear it for the first time, with fresh ears. But alas:

About 4100 children die every day from diseases related to unsafe water and poor water sanitation. But what whaaaat – the solution isn’t that unfeasible: drilled wells, spring protections and BioSand filters that help provide clean water to communities around the world.

So TADAAAAAA the first ever #bookstagramgives campaign. Click the picture below to give now, and see the Charity: Water campaign we have started.


We want you to GIVE! And if you don’t have much to give, no problem. Go without a Starbucks this week and give $5, opt for off-brand soda for a month and give $7, have one less bottle of wine this month and give $15. OR – and this is a lot of fun, consider donating your birthday by clicking here. 

What does that look like? Check the video below, for more, but essentially it is this. Consider what it is that you  might want for your birthday. Could you go without it, and rather, ask friends and family to donate in your name to Charity: Water? I am planning on donating my birthday this year, a decision that cost me almost nothing and saves me from the unnecessary clutter of random birthday gifts.

I have never seen an Instagram community or group develop a philanthropy, so I am curious if this can work. I am hopeful and excited. Charity: Water is one of the highest ranked charities in the world. 100% of your donation with go right to the project. You will get updates, pictures, and GPS coordinates about your donation and how your funds were allocated. Not bad, huh?

Take the time to save this link — — to your phone, and anytime you choose the less expensive entree, one less cocktail at dinner, or one less box of oreos at the grocery store, I hope you’ll open your phone and quickly paypal the equivalent to Charity: Water. It is that easy.

Together, we can make a difference!!

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