This is a space for spiritually curious, passionate women to come together over a common book, regardless of geographical disparity, the scheduling nightmares of parenthood, or all those unfortunate things that keep us from community, encouragement, and stimulation.

For those who aren’t able to join in person, there is a Facebook group that essentially functions as our gathering place – a tidy, digital living room, library, and kitchen! Occasionally, I announce a new book and a brunch menu. While you are welcome to post about the book at any time, I will have one weekend assigned where everyone will be invited, over two or three days, to make a post sharing their experiences, thoughts, and prayers regarding the book selection. During that time you can also respond to as many of the other posts as you would like. The three day window is given to create an atmosphere of online community, in forum. You will be surprised at how wonderfully affirming and engaging this format can be!

My hope is that everyone who has read will be able to check in, read what others have said, find answers to questions, submit their own thoughts for us to enjoy, and offer encouragement. And just in case you’re in for a little extra fun, I will make sure you have everything you need to host your own brunch in person, including email invite, discussion questions, timeline, and of course, recipes!

For my local yokles, you’re invited to join on a Saturday morning in person to discuss the book and learn about the author. I will briefly present on the significance of the book, the time it was written, and any major issues that were relevant to the culture of the book’s original audience. We then will address questions, share what spoke to us, explore how the book has impacted our daily experience, and where we might go from here.

What type of books? For right now, to cover some of the great classics of Christian spirituality. I think it would be lovely to gather to discuss the original works (spanning from 400 AD to the twentieth century) that are the basis for many of the devotional readers, thinkers, and writers of which you may be more formally acquainted. They are the books that formed and shaped my life during my formal theology training and that need revisiting – perhaps among friends, over brunch. So I hope you join! Click on the link to our Facebook page right below, above, or over to the side, and I will see you soon!

So why not just do a book? Why Brunch too? This is an easy answer, because like the changes, encouragement, and spiritual adventures that a good books brings – food is also a wonderful thing to share. Along with reading the book, I hope Books & Brunch members might enjoy the table with friends or family and share their experiences of hospitality and creative cooking. Brunch is a classic southern affair, meant to inspire whispers of gentility and kindness, along with a dash of champagne and delicious finger foods. I provide the menu, maybe a hospitality tip or two, and you invite others to share in the kind of intimacy that can only happen a table, fresh orange juice, and morning sun are involved.