a friendly collaboration

I will happily work with you to create a project that integrates your product or book into something crafty, rad, or informative. I only accept products in which I believe, so no promises, but I always start with openness and curiosity. So reach out!

Mostly I copywrite for other larger blogs. If you are looking for content for your blog, reach out! But if you have something you want to say here on AFA, go ahead and ask. I welcome you to feature your products or content right here on AFA (if I like it).

I love a good round up: top ten books lists, wonderful nursery decor, favorite craft supplies, you name it. I always have products, books, and craft ideas ready to find a home with the right website. I also include my social network and newsletter anytime I write for you, which can make for a pretty large platform. I have contacts at several large blogs, I will ask them and check with you for fit!