Easy Gift Wrapping – Perfect for Books

Wrapping a book

I hope you guys have seen my DIY Wrapping Paper post over on We had a lot of fun, saved some money on expensive wrapping, and the kids got invested in every present we gave! How much fun is that?

DIY Wrapping Paper

Here are a few pictures that show how we actually use the paper to wrap things. I see a lot of you over-achieving, totally awesome, you-deserve-a-metal, mamas wrapping up 24 books for Advent (whoa!). I see even more of you cruising through instagram getting great ideas for great book gifts. Either way, this easy DIY is a perfect solution for those book wrapping blues. I hope the pictures are self-explanatory.


They are darling (especially with your custom wrapping)

This method saves on superfluous materials and expense. Do you know how much GARBAGE is produced during Christmas and Hanukkah? Lets vow to cut back in an effort to be good stewards and great givers—at the same time!!!




Easy and Gorgeous Book Gift Wrapping Method


Spin Art Stationary

DIY Stationary

My daughters participation in gift giving is super important to us. It is just one way that we hope to help her believe that her gifts and talents are worth giving and worth receiving. At this point, she could rub brown marker on brown paper and everyone would be perfectly proud (thank God), but when she has something totally beautiful to give, BONUS!!

So go ahead, buy some basic kraft paper stationary ($4.99 at our local hobby store), a little tempura paint, and put that salad spinner to good use! Maaaaaybe a $8 total gift (which gets cheaper the more you make).

The Goods:

Salad Spinner

Tempra Paint

Square Kraft Paper Stationary

The Process:

It is easy enough. Use a little tacky putty to put your card on the bottom of the spinner. Let your kids drip, splatter, or make shapes with the paint, put the lid on, and spin until everyone feels satisfied.

Experiment! There isn’t a wrong way!

Look at that precious face of surprise! Every.single.time we opened the lid he did this. His awe never waned.

Oh! And these are the perfect companion craft to The Not Very Merry Pout Pout Fish. It is a precious, easy to read, fun rhyming book about a fish that soon realizes that, “Hey! Homemade gifts are the best gifts.”

Pout Pout Fish Companion Craft


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